Like my bass horn I just built. Holy crap they do fit. As for the finish, im right there with you. May 3, 4, 5 this year. I’ll have to check out your bass horns, are they on this forum? Is this everyone’s experience?

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Holy crap they do fit. Originally Posted by Lee in Montreal. I have been using them for close to 20 years. As for the finish, im right there with you. Hole or no Hole in the magnet decal As you can see, in Altec had those decals done both ways; make sure you ciew the image full screen for detail.

I’ll have to check out your bass horns, are they on this forum? I really dig the finish on the cab. And, like Nick said, it’s nice to see another Lone Star member in the club.

Good to see another Texan on here. I preffer around 85 db.


Usually with ‘s made after mid ‘s the impedence is incorporated in the model number, for example B, is an 8 ohm woofer, usually large frame, and was the stock woofer for the model Not to steer this great thread away from its original direction. Sebrof, Im happy with my volume of the 90’s at most. Is this everyone’s experience?

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Be careful not to do what I did. I love the uniqueness of the design especially those feetWilly. By Progneta in forum General Audio Discussion. MitchellSep 30, Extra Tabs xltec vBulletin Hispano. What do the letter in a, b, c, mean, in regards to these Altec speakers?

Altec Lansing 416-8B User Manual

I was looking at those shelf thinking about record storage. Share This Page Tweet.

Hey Sebrof, I don’t know how I missed this thread. Originally Posted by intercity It dosnt look perfect. Usually you will only find the “Z” in factory built cabinets from early ’70s and before. I was at Ikea with my Aaltec on Saturday.


altec speakers 416 A B C?

I forget the name of the other ones, but records do not fit. I appreciate your experience and input, Tom. Great points Dave, and a little too assumptive of me to think that Bill or anyone at GPA would have left that open like that if it was the result of their doing. I used Obligato Oil caps and 14 gauge coils for the crossover, Cat 5e Plenum for speaker cables.

But even as they are they sound pretty darn good, and I have been enjoying them a lot over the past few months. Originally Posted by NickH. I finished these just Januaryor I should say I started listening to them then. Do you already have an account? You have to crawl before you can run you know.