When you pull the wires so far apart that no spark is able to jump, you are running the transformer open loop and the potential can get very high as only a corona sky is forming. Read this document about safety! They are very small though. Thanks for your schematic, its very simple to build, but you should put that 1K resistor to avoid destroy the NE Mads in reply to the comment you posted to me, I agree.

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Actually when power grows up on the gate of my transistor the signal is really bad: If not what is the function of this capacitor? Three lithium cells, when fully charged, give around 10,8 volts in series — on no load. November 16, at audoi James Howells – Tou Tue sparkfishes says: Using a calculator with the measured values of the potentiometers. Dont worry about the amperage rating of your power supply as long as it can supply a minimum of 12V 2A, this circuit will draw more power with a higher duty cycle and less power with a lower duty cycle, but we are talking around 25 — 50 Watt depending on your supply voltage.

No audio modulation is applied yet. April 27, at The circuit seems to mkdulated very efficient but the problem is that, the high voltage peaks destroy the transistor and the timer. June 16, at I hear a very high pitched whine composed of very rapid pulses, and they can go slower with the change in the tuning potentiometer. Very reasonable for a monitor flyback. But on the bright side I got an arc!!!!

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I have had no problems with overheating it. Here is diagram that i am using: But I have a flyback I am going to try instead now as i ultimately want my tesla coil to play music. Thank you for sharing your project online like this.

To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: So i have completely rebuilt the whole thing using all new but identical parts and nothing! In the schematic its written if RC1 not used short it, it will be open not short.

555 Audio Modulated 20kV Flyback

I think the 12V 2A supply is just about minimum at maximum duty cycle, I could make pull down the supply at fpyback points. Great builds, Great arcs. When you say the sound input modulates the pulse width, does it actually turn the arc on and off or just control the intensity?

In my oppponion its better to have a shorter silent arc than a long buzzing one. Hi, after some modifications got it to work on my own aircoil. James Howells – You TuBe sparkfishes says: February 15, at If the circuit can not produce a arc try to reverse the polarity of the primary coil on the flyback transformer. I have heat sinked the mosfet but not the timer chip. Arclength is dependant on finding a frequency that works for your flyback transformer, and then adjust the duty cycle for a higher output current to draw a longer spark.


The current is approx. And is there anyway to remove the cap in the 3rd flyback without destroying my secondary?

Audio Modulated 20kV Flyback – Projects and Interests

Or shield the driving part well with aluminum e. I dont get it.

I should note modlated the high pitch noise on the mosfet is only when im not producing any sparks Too large of a spark gapwhereas once i begin arcing, the high pitch noise is heard from the flyback… Im not sure if the two are exclusive as the noise from the flyback as much too loud!