A sound volume also can be set up using Win32 API function in application. If roaming permission comes from the Access-Point to the terminal, the roaming will complete. The screen will automatically close. If there is no need to scan a bar code of the symbology with its minimum digit one, do not change the default setting. Next Startup – Resume with warning at time of startup Forces the terminal to turn off the power. SDK, manuals, and sample applications can be downloaded after login. State in that the terminal or application is waiting for an event to occur.

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P Deletes 1 character to the left.

User Agent This field is for selecting user agent. Version Info This applet is used to display each version number of the OS, boot section, loader and service pack integrated in the terminal. Cuts selected file and folder. The default is 3.

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Advanced Button This button displays the popup filter screen to set up advanced settings of the popup block. AFH Automatically or manually limits and controls radio wave frequency band to be employed in Bluetooth communication. Processing During Suspend and Resume When the terminal goes into suspend mode while Bluetooth is being used, the power to the Bluetooth module integrated in the terminal will be automatically turned off. Button This button saves a specified Terminal Server license.


Start up laser scanning.

Dell J1KND

Used to thicken or thin each bar of bar code for a specified value and then decode it. Vibrator Basic Specifications The vibrator can be set up for five different occasions.

The following screen will appear. By loading the configuration file into the terminal, settings required for WLAN operation can be easy. File management program Operates the system with the DOS csio. Show less Show more.

The individual ID incorporates the product code and serial number etc. F Brighten the backlight. No message or event is issued when scanning is complete.

NET Compact Framework 2. Readable Digits The actual readable digit on a bard code differs depending on the resolution and the scanning distance between the terminal and the bar code.

Button This button displays the popup exceptions screen to set up sites to be exempted from caio popup windows. The following connection types can be created.


C3303I 4214188

Delete Button This button deletes a specified Terminal Server license. Step Scan This method is for scanning a designated number of bar codes.

The window sets up frequency channels from no. Address This field is for specifying address. Scanning will fail when one of the errors occurs. Pastes text cut or copied.

Data will be automatically restored from the backup data. Indication for scanning a bar code has the priority over other indications. Minimum digit on NW-7 symbology The no. OBRClose function is called. Resume Operation After the terminal went into suspend mode and then returned in resume mode during wireless operation, this will automatically establish connection again with the Access-Point to enable continuous wireless communication.

When both right and left marginal spaces are narrow. Switch state to User Idle This pull-down menu is to set up a time period until when the terminal changes its state to User idle.