Scsi Message Codes Parallel Scsi Interface IBM Ultrium 2 pricing includes one data cartridge and one cleaning cartridge. While it is a good thing that Certance has released its second-generation LTO Ultrium products, the fact remains that the company is very late in doing so, lagging behind the competition by as much as a year and missing several promised release dates along the way. Each of the three TPCs adds its own unique features after implementing the specifications, in an effort to differentiate its products from the other offerings. The CL also uses an internal head cleaner that regularly brushes loose debris from the head during tape eject. All three Ultrium 2-based competitors now offer it, though HP’s version provides continuous variation while Certance’s and IBM’s vary in specified increments.

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Gartner disclaims all warranties as to the accuracy, completeness or adequacy of such information.

Certance LTO 2 Manuals

Don’t have an account? Lto Cartridge Specifications It stores up to 1. Each product offers cfrtance features that elevate it beyond its competitors in particular areas, and each manufacturer has its own loyal installed base. Certance has only the tape drives and their respective autoloaders, with no publicized plans for any higher end automation devices.


The reader assumes sole responsibility for the selection of these materials to achieve its intended results. Loading A Cartridge Reproduction of this publication in any form without prior written permission is forbidden. Still, the Certance LTO Ultrium drives maintain an advantage in this area over the SDLT products which don’t offer a mechanism for physically altering ccertance tape speed in response to the host data rate.

Certance LTO Ultrium-2 (LTO-2) /GB Internal LVD SCSI Tape Drive

Ultrium Cartridge Showing Write-protect Switch The lyo-2 of data-streaming technology to improve a drive’s performance and reduce the wear and tear associated with frequent starts and stops is becoming more common in this class of product. Certance also offers two autoloaders based on its two LTO Ultrium drives. Certance’s release of an LTO 2 product family in late is a case of “better late than never.

Windows Operating System On this metric, Sony quotes a 2: Chapter 8 – Troubleshooting Guide The CL offers a total access time certancs 75 seconds cartridge load time to beginning of tape [BOT] plus average file access time. The CL also uses an internal head cleaner that regularly brushes loose debris from the head during tape eject. Unpacking And Inspection HP similarly offers a full Ultrium family, including its second Ultrium tape drive the StorageWorks Ultrium and incorporation of the Ultrium drives into HP’s family of tape-automation certahce.


When defining a device class for LTO 2 drives, use. Check here to start a new keyword search. Drive Performance Specifications The CLL comes with the full version of BakBone NetVault software included and features a three-year cross-shipment exchange warranty.

TZ Certance / Seagate LTO-2 Tape Media – TZ /GB Storage Capacity

certnce The data cartridges come with a limited lifetime warranty, while the cleaning cartridge is good for up to 50 uses. Intelligent Data Compression Mean Time To Replace Chapter 5 – Specifications One specializes in correcting short errors, while the other corrects long errors.

Cleaning The Tape Drive Table Of Contents Connecting A Power Cable This format results cerfance a cartridge capacity of GB when using Ultrium Generation 2 media. Chapter 1 – Introduction The information contained herein has been obtained from sources believed to be reliable.

It is included in the chart below for comparison’s sake, but is not called out in the text.