I got disgusted just reading about it. By the rules of golf you can wear golf shoes to grip the turf better, wear a golf glove to grip the club better, have grooves that spin the ball better, but you are not to lubricate the face of your driver. Regardless it gives us Northerners something to read about while we wait for Spring! Balls may be a bigger issue than clubs. No side spin was transferred to the ball from the head of the driver, therefore no hook or slice.

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Today, high-powered rotating x-ray machines can visualize bones, organs and blood vessels down to 0. You can gol more about a guy playing one round of golf than you can working with him for 10 years.

For these reasons it’s against the rules of golf. The results of the test are expected. George Manning, the engineer who designed Iron Byron as well as Louisville Slugger baseball bats, predicts that composites may enable engineers to design bats that stay clear of BPF violations while delivering new power or control. Not many companies in this industry are up for those type of challenges…so Kudos to the crew over at NoSlice.

If you have a slicker surface, it will always help the ball go straighter. Some of these folks must be horrible people to play with on Saturday morning. Ballard on Length of Backswing.


Why do you need a range finder, you old as me? So I guess all you PROS better not come play with us because we have all removed the sticks from our butts and try to have fun.

Grease her up!

Why even mess with it on the range? Golfer Burnz 7 years ago. At any rate, it does seem to work.

The next time I tried it was on the 10th hole, a dramatic dogleg left with a very narrow fairway. Share This Page Tweet. Jaysus it’s impossible to keep track of the libelling nature of you 2 wise guys But his patience paid off. And if so what other aspects if any does it effect. I hope you are not one of these guys; they totally miss the point of golfing with a prospective client or vendor. Correct me if I am wrong. THAT is the issue that are failing to grasp.

Blast Off!

The postwar revolution in materials and design that transformed cars, airplanes, and office chairs had a field day with sports equipment as well. Then out from behind the tee comes a rules official demanding to examine his club.

Wouldn’t it be easier and less messy to simply use a ball with less side spin? It was about yards and while it seemed like it wanted to hook into the foothills it kept a more or less straight line.

Grease her up! |

That means straight, accurate golf shots and lower scores. The USGA is about to begin official use of a computerized, precisely calibrated indoor ball-testing system that will measure not only how far the ball travels but also its velocity, angle, gofl properties, and backspin at blastoff. If greasibg want to hit the ball straight, you have to eliminate side spine. GolfDawgg 7 years ago. Kolodziejzyk with his wife, Helen, and designer Ben Eadie before the attempt. I have not tried any of the substances yet but did add syliva to the club face on a couple of very tight driving holes and ended up in the fairway, there was no diffrence to the trajectory or overall distance, does anyone think the syliva reduced side spin or did I just play the shots well?

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I tried this on my driver today. Stepping up to the tee on the 14th hole, I ignore the illegal Callaway in my bag for Wilson’s Deep Red cc, an oversize driver with extra weight built farther back.

So, the next time you set up your golf swing, do this for a sure golf slice cure. And that this is illegal?

I suggest in the future, you take a little more time in selecting the products that you test.