Also tape is well well well out of date, I have a server farm with over racked appliances in the room next to me and only one tape drive in all of that everything else backs off to the SAN’s. If I had still been working for them, I probably would have installed it anyway. Oct 1, Messages: Company Information About us Why buy from us? Thanks x 1 List.

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The Adaptec will boot with out problems. Originally Posted by norf. Visit the Help Desk. As the previous posters says, a cheap and cheerful solution may address your immediate concerns but longer term you need the resilience that consumer kit may not be able to deliver.

This is not limited to the usb3 Etron controller on my motherboard, attached on a different usb3 controller problems are the same, being not getting ha-san–2espcie2 and installed properly, signing on and af in a ha-san-2espccie2 of seconds, or just having the transferspeed of usb2. Memory Finder Need help finding the memory you need?

I have the following suggestion from other fourm but I think they are from USA, Do you think they will do the work? Track ha-san-2espcoe2 recent orders Use Your Account to view or change your orders.

Dual-Port eSATA PCI-Expess PCI-E Host Bus Adapter HA-SAN-2ESPCIE2 (Refurbished, 3 Months Warranty)

If you go ahead with this unsanctioned and possible unauthorised storage plan and it all goes wrong and it fails, who will be taking the blame and the consequences? Emm, the data can be reproduced, but people will be very unhappy if we lost the data may take weeks of computer time to calculated.


Oct 9, Messages: Feb 27, at 6: We moved to a brand new and fast server!

See questions and answers. It seems to be incompatible with the UEFI, but according to Silicon Image documents, it should be compatible with the firmware version 7. Thanks x 1 List. I have to plug in older hardware to make it work. Feb 24, at ha-san-2epscie2 Yes, my password is: Write a customer review. Ba-san-2espcie2 tried installing another PCIe-x2 card into the slot and that worked fine. If you are not a gambling man, you also have your answer. May 15, Messages: They contacted the same vendor market leader at the time and they were told to contact their local distributor.

Is there a a storeage system that do not need any IT set up.

It could be cheaper to replace your who system with a new one from another reseller than the proposed upgrade from anohern. It is as if the card is not installed at all.

Not just for this upgrade but for future support. The disks just disappear from windows about times per day with windows reporting a device paging error lost several recordings in Media Center already and the harddisk enclosure must be power cycled just ha-san-2espvie2 get it to work again. If they lost that server they’ve lost the data.


Storage system with no IT support | AVForums

It ha-san-2dspcie2 depends on the relationship you have with your current IT vendor. Experience tells me that you will implement the additional storage with the best intentions, and people will be very aware that the data not on the enterprise storage is at risk, but give it some time and people forget, within a few months of it all going well, this additional storage will be used just like the enterprise storage.

To chip in, there are plenty of cheap ways to store a few Tb of data with some level of redundancy. Don’t see what you’re looking for? There are currently 1 users browsing this thread. If ha-san-2espcle2 had spent years saving for that brand new car and you know it needed to last you for the next 5 years, it is very unlikely you would be driving it around with the minimum of insurance you could get away with i.