For Selenium, we have to write small code, which simply highlight element based on our parameter values. Sure manoj, thanks for sharing this concept. Apologies for my ignorance but where would i call the above code in my class? I have published video on the same which covers the same. Hi Ajay, Thanks for pointing out this.

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I am really worried about the execution time after including this snippet in my web driver script. Hi Amit, I want to highlight multiple elements.

Highlight WebElements using Selenium WebDriver

You can use HighlightElement. Share on Digg Share. In above program it, highligh highlight username field. Hi Ajay, Thanks for pointing out this. We go for Js only if anything that WebDriver itself cannot do it. Ok, the method now stores the original border value of the found element and restores it back when a new element is highlighted. Also many times, we want to screenshot the element with a highlighted border so that we can verify that the element was actually worked or located by the code.

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Here the code for higlighting the element in selenium: This is particularly useful since it allows the person performing gighlight to know whether the code is able to recognize the element under test.

Sign up using Facebook. If you really worry about this, include a java code snippet to calculate the time difference of execution of 1 webelsment with Js and without Js. Mukesh Otwani February 10, at 7: You can try replacing the usual findElement By method with an adjusted one that uses JavaScript to highlight the found element: With selenium there is no any Native movements hence its mystery for a selenium user to recognize where the selenium clicks or to know currently on which elements its being executed.

Did anyone face the same issue. We pass webdrivdr style argument for this method, which contains the style information for this element. Share on LinkedIn Share. Many times while running Selenium tests, we want to know whether the element under test was successfully selected by the code. If you feel the blog s really helpful pls publicize amongst your circle and get in more ppl.

Highlighting a Web Element on Webpage – All Things Selenium and QA

Or name it in any other appropriate way: We will then simply call this in the program where we want. I’m not aware of how to actually do this using WebDriver.

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This worked for me. Really an useful post for a Web Driver limitation as of now. Share on Twitter Tweet. Please let me know how to handle it for IE browser. Ajay February 9, at I am using a Mac system and IE is not in it. This will others too. It helps us to track our execution flow which step is being processed. To achieve this,we would create a new function, in a new file that would contain the code for highlighting.

Could you please help me in this. However, this might just work as intended.

Post as a guest Name. Sure manoj, thanks for sharing this concept.