Visually check that each latch is fully closed and correctly engaged with each DIMM edge slot. Show all Show less. Install your Operating System: Select the Advanced menu, then the Drive Configuration menu. The labels should be visible from the outside of the chassis. Install the processor s Notes and cautions: Press downward on top of cap.

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Insert one side edge of shield as shown. The system sometimes works, but is exhibiting erratic behavior. From the same manufacturer. If new versions are available, update the BIOS on your server. Visually check that each latch is fully closed and correctly engaged with each DIMM edge slot.

Downloads for Intel® Server Board S3200SH Family

Use caution so that you do not damage the thermal interface material. For a non-Intel server chassis, see the documentation that came with your chassis for fan connection requirements. If you require a response, contact support. Leave the disk in the drive as Windows setup copies the files from the disk to the Windows installation folders. Align heat sink with holes in board s321s0h lower assembly to board.


The new volume provides easier access to your operating system and files if a hard drive fails. If you require a response, contact support. Please do not enter contact information.

Anyone seen this type of thing before? Adapter compatibility validation CV testing uses test suites to gain an accurate view of how the server performs with a wide variety of adapters under the primary supported operating systems.

Press Enter to select the physical disks. Basic installation testing validates that the server board can install the operating system and that the base hardware feature set is functional. Setup is still loading drivers.

Operating systems not listed below are not supported by this Intel Server Board. On other operating systems, browse the CD rxid to locate and install the driver files. Attach the main power connector to the server board.

Set Up a System with Intel® Matrix RAID Technology

Use the fasteners that came with your chassis. Install your Operating System: Fastener snaps into final position. Set the Drive Mode option to Enhanced. Windows setup is ready to reboot.


Select the Advanced menu, then the Drive Configuration menu. Insert the support disk when prompted by the message: Close the socket lever and ensure that the load plate tab engages under the socket lever when fully closed.

How to Enable Intel® Matrix Storage RAID for the Intel® Server Board S3000AH Family

Not all optional connections are shown in this diagram. The disk includes the following files: Without this cable the processor will not have any power. Floppy Drive Connector G. Remember, it is strongly recommended that all DIMMs be: Results 1 to 3 of 3.

Do not install a standoff at a location that does not have a corresponding server board mounting hole.