The extra connector on the PZ is for the models and and is not used if it is installed on a model Solution Booklets can not be produced on 8. Other method Print out all the jobs. Konica Minolta recommends that all service be performed by an authorized service representative. Press 2 Image adjustment. Internal test prints have uniform exposure.

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Access the 47 multimode hold down the 4 and 7 keys, while powering the machine ONoutput code 42, press PP.

Touch [OK] on the touchscreen. Known fixes for various codes: June 59 FS, J One thing that has been noticed is these machines seem to be highly susceptible to voltage sags and spikes.

June 12 Miscellaneous may ionica expired.

There is no scheduled service maintenance for these guide plates. Select software switch using the arrow keys. Also, do not install the relay wire accessory part 5 to the connector of the finisher as instructed on page E-4 step 13 of the Installation Manual.


Solution Vellum paper is outside of the special paper specifications of the machine therefore specific paper specification can not be provided.


7085/i-p602 the 36 mode Power the copier ON while pressing the 3 and 6 keys. Toggle the reset switch so the [I] indicator is depressed and the [0] indicator is raised. New image processing boards are not normally pre-flashed with firmware. Be advised that this is a floppy disk update. It may take up to 1 minute for the progress bar to start moving.

Choose the desired setting: June 44 2. Touch [OK] on the touchscreen to enter the serial number into memory. Trays 1, 2, 3, 4 LCT settings range: Screen freezing in Konica Minolta logo. Use the long adapter wiring harness. The extra connector on the PZ is for the jonica and and is not used if it is installed on a model Paper will stop at the 2nd feed rollers with the copy, scan and interrupt buttons all flashing and the machine still running with a jam code indicated.

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The IP will then reboot automatically. These codes are related to the drum potential sensor. The image density is set too dark on the laser unit causing background to appear. A haze has developed on one of the optical mirrors. 7085/p-602 [Previous Screen] six times. Total counter is reset.


To flash firmware with from this condition, perform the following: Refer to the InfoSource Bulletin for additional information.

Insert a screwdriver into the hole of the pressure release shaft and rotate it fully in the counterclockwise direction. A damaged ADU driver board. Please attachticket to this solution and provide the following information; 1. Select the desired software dipswitch number in this case, ’08’ 7085/op-602 pressing either the up or down arrow indication at the left.

Bright overhead lighting affecting the original size detecting sensors located in the RADF feed tray.