The weights in the back of the head are movable, but are closer together and lower down than in the R5 Dual TP, TaylorMade’s other driver with 2 moveable weights. You are using a theme designed for your browser. I saw a set for lefties and now I will look at them. My favorite and longest number of rounds not yards in the bag clubs. The Burner iron was next and again the performance was just about the same as the R7. These irons could make a great beginner set for those just entering into the world of golf and looking for a solid set of clubs to jump off with. By submitting a review you agree to be bound by our terms and conditions.

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Posted 19 March – Hot for their time and a very versatile sole.

So I went back to dont remember how the weight was when i got the club. I have had the pleasure of hitting the Nike Taylormade r7 review Sumo2 square headCleveland HiBore, and the Callaway FT-5 this past season, and this smaller TaylorMade r7 just tayylormade the ball cut through the air much cleaner, faster, and farther.

This club truly makes teeing off fun again.

Taylormade R7 irons who still plays these

I really liked taylor made back around the R7 era. Large sweet spot Excellent forgiveness for off-center hits Sufficient spin on each hit Value for money. With the weight options, there is many modes for setting this club up depending of the golfer! Russ, on taykormade September – The black and yellow set against a silver background is an attractive colour combination, which is not aimed at a specific target taylormade r7 review.


Taylormafe iron range is an extension of it and they should definitely be on the short list when you’re chosing a set of irons. I have enjoyed using the clubs, and believe they have been one of the major contributors to my handicap falling. For us the standard shaft was a bit disappointing, so the TP version taylormade r7 review it’s better quality shaft is the one to go for if your budget can stretch that far. Like the R9 the only noticeable thing I could find was the softer feel but for what you pay for each set, the sacrifice for feel over dollars seems a good taylormade r7 review to take.

The revieq are a very good idea, for taylormade r7 review particular swing, I have set them so the ball flight is a little lower heavier cartridges at the taylormade r7 review. With only two weight ports you are more limited than with the TaylorMade r7 The feeling and sound that it produces when you hit it out the middle is second to none. Punch shots were a breeze, just sort out your set up and crunch it away low for a piercing driller down the line.

Media Reviews Golf World. Your review taylormare You must enter a title. Mishit it just a bit, and I was sure it was going into the front bunker.


Taylormade r7 Irons Review – Skilled Golf

Used sets tend taylormade r7 review list at comparable prices. The Burner was not noticeably easier to hit or any longer taylormade r7 review the R7.


Sign in or Register with Golfalot. However after taking the clubs back to the retail outlet and contacting TaylorMade, the situation was resolved and the shafts were swapped free of charge. Your email address will not be published. Miura Golf announces CB K. You currently have javascript disabled.

Took taylormade r7 review little while to warm up to things as i had new irons as well on taylormade r7 review front 9 but shot 5 over par for the back nine!!! The shafts did go rusty, but TM were more than happy to swap them. Given this configuration, I am able to hit the ball both high and low easily, simply by teeing the ball up or down respectively.

Today’s Golfer

I then hit some shots with an R9 iron and the performance taylormade r7 review identical to the R7s. The shaft comes with good grips that can withstand the test of time and weather. Overall great irons, solid feel, very forgiving, easy to hit but still workable.

Ball after ball flew straight and true and there is no doubt that these clubs deliver what they promise. Please re-enable javascript to access full functionality.